How To Get Free Microsoft Points, Free Wii Points, and Other Free Gaming Stuff

This is the free, easy, and legit way to get free gaming stuff.

How to use Gaming Lagoon to get the gaming stuff you need

I was like you once. I was looking for a way to get free gaming stuff. I was trying to get free Microsoft points to use on xBox Live. You may be looking for Wii points, subscriptions to World Of Warcraft, or even Gametap and you don’t really want to pay for it. This will be your guide to getting all the free gaming stuff you want.

The key to getting free gaming stuff is a website called Gaming Lagoon.

Gaming Lagoon

How does it work?

A: Gaming Lagoon is a website that gets paid to advertise and link to other websites. They turn around and use that money to pay the people they sent to those websites in free gaming stuff.

Is Gaming Lagoon really free?
A: Yes! It’s 100% free to use. They are getting paid so there’s no reason to charge you.

Is Gaming Lagoon legal?
A: Of course it is. They've been around since '06.

Is Gaming Lagoon a scam?
A: No,
Gaming Lagoon is not a scam. With nearly 400,000 users worldwide you can be sure that this is legit. Check the testimonials section in the forums at Gaming Lagoon. They are full of people showing what they got for free. Personally, I’ve used it for awhile now. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions –
Gaming Lagoon

Step 1: Click on the banner above or use this link to sign up.

When you sign up they will ask you for your info like email address, home address, and phone number. USE YOUR REAL INFORMATION! You have to verify your email and phone number, and if you use a fake home address there’s no way for them to mail you your prizes. Don’t worry, Gaming Lagoon will NOT spam you.

Step 2: Complete offers. On the left side of the page you’ll see “Available Offers”. Click that to get a list of things you can do to gain points along with the amount of points you’ll get for them. Pick one, click the link and follow the instructions. When you’re finished, click “Completed” in the same box as the offer.

Gaming Lagoon

Step 3: This is the most important part! DO MORE OFFERS! If you sign up but don't sign and and complete offers you won't get any points. Once you finish your first few offers go back and DO MORE OFFERS! Once you get finished with those, guess what, DO MORE OFFERS! Try to do as many as you can in one sitting
Step 4: Get verified. On the left, click “Profile” and then “Click here to get verified”. They’ll call the phone number you signed up with and give you a short pin number which you’ll put into a form. You will not get any prizes until you are verified.

Step 5: Get your free gaming stuff! Once you have enough points for the prize you want, click “Available Prizes” on the left side of the screen. Pick your prize and fill out the request form.

If you have any questions feel free to email me -

Gaming Lagoon